A 'Cascade' of Skills Young Kids Need to Work on to Close Pandemic Academic Gaps

May 26, 2022


LaMonica Williams, our Director of Early Reading Programs, joins a group of educators in a discussion with The 74 on what challenges they are seeing in the post-pandemic classroom and what the solutions are. 

In the article, the reporter explains how the pandemic affected perseverance and attention. The solution, they say, is to prioritize what feel like “non-academic” skills right alongside reading and math.

“To get to the academics there’s more you need to know about your students,” said LaMonica Williams, director of early reading programs at Teaching Matters, a New York-based coaching and mentorship nonprofit for teachers in low-income schools. It’s not as simple as just doing more flashcards or sending home more books. “A different level of engagement is required as we’re bringing students back,” Williams said. Teachers need to know what happened to students during the pandemic, and how they are feeling about being back in the classroom. What’s still worrying them? Where do they feel frustrated?

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