“As Simple as”

April 14, 2020
Sunrise Birds

By: Jessica Diaz

As Simple as – 

Awakening to the pitter patter of freshly fallen rain drops on a window pane

Changing pace as I begin to stir, almost as if trying to sync with my subtle heart’s beat

Apprehension quickly quelled by the hopeful hymns sung by the choir of birds on our hood balconies

Birds who despite the climate have never ceased their rehearsal of songAs Simple as -  

Gentle nudges on shoulders and soothing whispers in awaiting ears

Letting us know the New Day has come

Be it dreary… Be it sun-filled…

But – at least – it Be

Be ours for the taking, if we learn to listen and allow Her to lead


As Simple as – 

Sweet smells of aromatic coffees paving precocious pathways from the kitchen to the foot of my bed

As if to flirtatiously tickle my toes into waking wiggles just as much as 

it tickles my nose to mirror a genie’s twitch 

With Outstretched arms, Open eyes, Elongated spine – 

I Am Woke

Those creaks & cracks in aging bones ring different, mean different

When Being Woke now comes into daily question 


As Simple as – 

Breathing in deeply

And being able to do it once again

Lungs inhale, Lungs exhale

Diaphragm supporting the ins & the outs

Surging oxygen to everywhere it is thirsted for within this body

Simple acts, yet not so simple

Simple acts once taken for granted now greeted with reverence

And with repeat demand

Simply put: Be Grateful


As Simple as – 

The initial crackle from a freshly opened book - 

Not necessarily new, but definitely new to these eyes, to these fingertips - 

The sound beckons my learning & expansion,

My contemplation & revelation

Book spine just as mine

Held tightly, uprightly

Prepared to be held,

But patiently waiting for the right reader to behold the tale 


As Simple as –

Swooping strokes of pen, or keyboard

Whatever be this day’s whim

Gliding upon blank journal pages that have been neglected far too long

Black & blue inks helping to channel the Blacks & Blues of the Heart

Stops & Starts that yield clearer pictures of what it is I really need

Pages curling upward around my wrist as these lines flow out

Nestled pages being the only hugs I can openly receive right now

But, are embraced nonetheless


As Simple as - 


Encircling, All Encompassing

Surrounding Us, 

As it encourages You to love yourself deeply

Absence forced upon us to provoke the Awakening

Closed eyes open wide to the self-care we’ve been needing

Heeding the Earth Mother’s message, 

Conceding – Agreeing to disconnect from that which lacks feeling

Being blessed to be able to reacquaint with that which truly gives life meaning -



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