Meet Emma Ershow, Senior Educational Consultant

January 20, 2022
Our math consultant shares her experience on how she supports and meets the needs of teachers and school leaders.

“My experience with math coaching has been really positive,” Emma Ershow, Senior Educational Consultant shared. “It’s just very cool to be able to help people bridge anything they might have anxiety around.” 

In her recent interview with Teaching Matters, Emma talked about her collaborative process, hands-on approach to math instruction, and customized coaching sessions that are adapted to the needs of each of her schools.

“I spend the day really kind of tailoring my coaching and support to what teachers and school leaders need. So in some schools, I’m really supporting the development of teacher teams and what those meetings and PLCs look like. And in other schools, I’m supporting their math assessment and protocols for looking at student work and data. And then I have some schools that are really focused on bringing the social justice standards to life in their curriculum and really vetting their materials to make sure that students really see themselves reflected in the lessons and content being taught.”

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While almost all districts have returned to in-person instruction, results from NWEA MAP Growth assessments taken last fall show that student achievement at the start of the 2021-22 school year was lower compared to a typical year, with a large relative decline in math (9 to 11 percentile points). Results further show that achievement was lower for all student groups in the past year, with historically marginalized students and students in high-poverty schools disproportionately impacted, particularly at elementary grades. 

Our professional development services for K-12 math teachers, Math Matters, offers customized coaching sessions, needs assessment with an aligned action plan, ongoing monitoring of action plan progress, as well as an impact report and recommended next steps. Math Matters consultants, just like Emma Ershow, provide tailored support to improve teachers’ practice through collaborative, result-driven partnerships. To meet the diverse needs of our students, our team is actively exploring ways to bring Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education to life in math classrooms. To do so, we are seeking exceptional math educational consultants who are excited about supporting transformative instructional improvements in public schools. 

Join us to make a meaningful difference and to create culturally responsive, engaging Math learning experiences for all students.

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