One Year of Remote Learning

March 26, 2021

1 Yr Remote Learning

When I starting planning a blog to commemorate and recognize teachers and all that has happened in the last year, I did not think I would be leading with #racismisavirus, but sadly a dual pandemic continues. As educators, we have been battling a health care crisis and social justice crisis in our classrooms and communities. The news has been continuously filled with tragic examples of anti-asian and anti-black hate fueled violence that creates tension and division. When the news broke of the shooting in Atlanta, I was reminded of the Dr. King quote “Injustice  anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and the impact of the threat of social injustice hit me. Our students see, hear and read the same news; come to class and we are tasked with teaching them. 

Saying the last year has been difficult is beyond an understatement, there are no words to describe what happened when COVID-19  closed our school buildings and changed education quite possibly forever. Educators stepped up and logged in and figured out how to teach children of all demographics from anywhere. It has been an honor to support our education community through the absolute toughest of times. Teaching Matters continues to stand with you and we are committed to providing you with the resources needed to make sure ALL of our students are taken care of.

One year ago we transitioned with all of you to being full time virtual educators. In the last year Teaching Matters has partnered with you all to provide resources for remote and hybrid learning. In recognition of the success brought through dedication and commitment in the midst of crisis here is just some of what we have accomplished.

    • Reached over 250,000 educators in all 50 states during pandemic learning
    • We worked with 24 new ERM schools this year
    • Helped 1,700 teachers learn how to have race conversations with their students
    • Held 118 webinars since last March to support teachers in remote and hybrid instruction
    • Developed 13 free interactive lessons for English Language Learners
    • Developed 3 social justice units for classrooms to connect around the country
    • Provided social emotional resources to over 4,000 schools
    • Created 145 free interactive lessons for students with IEPs
    • The ERM team has supported over 400 teachers
    • Provided 1,789 days of support to educators in NYC
    • Coached over 1,300 teachers since March 2020
    • Provided race conversation and social justice support through Elevating Voices to 392 teachers in 10 cities nationwide 
    • Developed Early Reading Assessment Toolkit that has been accessed by 1,728 educators
    • Awarded $8.5 million Gates grant over 5 years to fund our CR-SE network impacting 150 educators at 16 schools directly supporting  Black & Latinx students

As we continue our commitment to community and fighting the virus of racism we hope that you ALL are moving forward with love and kindness.

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