Other Side Of This

April 15, 2021

The Other Side of This

Let the celebration continue. We are highlighting the work of our community poet Jessica Diaz to share with you. Enjoy her words and let them sink in your soul.


Other Side of This - By: Jessica Diaz 

getting back to “normal”? -
was there ever really a “normal” to begin with?
embracing a “new normal”? -
a phrase filled with uncertainty when we can’t ever really define what “normal” is,
nor should we 

the REAL of it - 
“normal” never was, never will be
more of a case of the was & is no more’s
the pre- and the post- of it all
but in a world that craves the gratification of clear-cut before & afters
and a focus on those things that are missed
move to challenge Yourself to find and amplify the constants 
get out of the Black & Whites
bathe in the Heavenly grays
where cultures, concepts, perceptions, ideas, identities, 
memories, lessons, innovations, regeneration and creativity reside
where these constants intertwine with the uncertainties, 
making everything inevitably alright
where innervisions come to fruition 
proving, again, everything will be alright
pushing through, climbing through, 
even damn near crawling through
but, getting through 
as is meant, as we are built to do
and in spite of the pains, the aches
arisen like the onset of a newly born day
be that single stem of grass breaking free from deep rooted darkness
from Winter’s slumber beneath Earth’s surface
subtly peering through that perceived rock bottom to flirtatiously wink at the Spring Sun
ready and willing to do the work 
to blossom into a field of dreams that all my people can grow their fruit in 
a safe space for my blooming, a source of sustenance for Me & for Us
because I am still here
even when I am grieving
I am still here
even when I am healing 
I am still here 
even when I am on pause
and regardless of the was and is no more’s, the pre- and the post-
my before and afters
I Am Still Here.
still Strong
still Peaceful
still Loved
still Loving 
still Bountiful
still Worthy
still Whole
still Magic

on the other side of this

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