Remote Activities for Early Readers: Concepts About Print

December 10, 2020


What is Concepts About Print (CAP)?

Concepts about Print (CAP) refers to the awareness of 'how print works'. This includes the knowledge of the concept of what books, print, and written language are, and how they function. It encompasses a number of understandings that allow the reading process to take place. Concepts about print is one of the five critical skill areas for early reading and in this mostly remote environment, there are plenty of ways for educators to teach children this critical skill.


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Why is it important to do?

Concepts about print are foundational to reading. Students need to understand these concepts first before they begin reading. These concepts build knowledge about how books, letters, words and sentences work. Once these basic concepts are developed, students can begin to put the sounds and letters together to begin to read. This assessment allows teachers to pinpoint which concepts students struggle with.


We will be hosting a webinar next Monday, December 14th from 3:30-5 PM EST. In the webinar, Using Remote Assessments to Help Identify Unfinished Learning due to COVID-19, we will be prioritizing concepts about print (CAP) and four other critical skill areas for early reading; phonemic and phonological awareness, letter and letter-sound recognition, and high-frequency words. Participants will learn the key features of remote assessments, scheduling and tracking, and implementation and analysis of an in-house designed assessment kit. We will send direct links to all in attendance for our free-to-access module course for reference: this hosts all the protocols, materials, and videos demonstrating how to use them.  

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As educators, assessments allow us to know our students and set the social-emotional environment.  These assessments are for formative support to determine where students may be stuck. Assessments also help us identify the skills that students possess, and should include foundational skill mastery along with a plan for the acquisition of new skills. 

We look forward to sharing these assessment resources with you. For more information about resources for K-2 readers click here.

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