Culturally Responsive Lessons All Year Long

February 4, 2021


At this time, more than ever, it's become increasingly important for students, and teachers alike, to learn about and celebrate Black History beyond the month of February. Teaching Matters has curated student activities that will help your school community provide culturally responsive lessons all year long.

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In Teaching Matters searchable student activities database you can filter by CR-SE Supports and then choose from:

  • Community Interest
  • Multicultural Text
  • Sharing Opportunity
  • Thinking Routine
  • Word Work

Student Activities

The lessons are designed to be 3-to-10 day interactive student projects, which
teachers can customize while students learn remotely. Each lesson has identified learning targets along with the Standards it is aligned to.

For example: if you want to build a lesson centered around Community Interest for younger grades, these are the types of projects available for you to customize.

Civic Responsibility

Rules and Responsibilities of Citizens 

Communities: Being a Positive Member and Making Changes

Communities and Families

Families: Rules and Traditions

These are just a few of the free lessons we have available for you because you are a part of the Teaching Matters education community. We hope you find them not only useful but engaging and impactful as well. Stayed tuned for more resources in the coming weeks to support your community with programs designed to move teaching Black History  beyond February and engage your students in social action.

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