Principals Matter: Resources for planning back to school in a blended environment

July 23, 2020


It’s never been more challenging to be a school leader. In addition to the annual back to school activities you prepare for, this year you are faced with planning - in a way that works for students, staff, and families - during an ongoing and ever-changing pandemic. We know you are accustomed to making decisions for the greater good of your school community, but, right now -  how do you know what the right decisions are? 

All that we do know is that we simply don’t know.

Some of your teachers will be in the building...some will only be providing remote instruction. The same is true for your students: many of you are still waiting to know how many families plan on sending their children to your building.

You must be seeing so many resources designed for your teachers on best practices for remote instruction, but we’re offering something just for YOU as a leader. There is a real need right now for resources on how to set and execute a vision for a blended school model, including an assessment plan for identifying the student needs.

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This Spring, Teaching Matters worked closely with schools as they transitioned to remote learning. We are now partnering with those NYC principals who successfully made the change. 

These principals will be sharing what worked for them and what they are planning for Fall 2020.

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