Self Care: We Need It! Part 2

September 24, 2020
Self Care PT 2

It all starts with you.....

We need to be taking care of our whole selves more then ever now. No need to feel guilty about taking time for YOU!

Pamper Yourself

Items on that are still available! 

Foot scrub

Pedicure sets

Manicure sets

Nail polish sets

Men’s Shave sets

Splurge on one of the monthly subscription sets like Fab, Fit, Fun or Dollar Shave Club. If this stay-at-home crisis continues much longer, it will come just in time for next month.

Either way, look around the house to see what you might have right now that would give you some comfort! 

  • Pull out some of those bath gels, bath bombs, bubble bath or samples that you may have hiding under your sink.  
  • Create a spa-like atmosphere with candles and music. 
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine for while you soak. 
  • Grab one of the books you ordered and read while you relax. 
  • Here a few great playlists for relaxation: 

Virtual Trips/Tours

Until you can be there in person, why not engage in some virtual museum tours! Here is a list of some from around the world. 

Museum Tours Around the World

National Park Virtual Tours

Breathtaking Google Earth Virtual Tours

Zoos and Aquariums

Learn To Cook/Bake or just start again! 

There are so many great chefs online that we can learn from. If you have hunkered down in a location where food is readily available, why not spend a little time cooking or baking? The aroma of comfort food evokes so many warm feelings. Even if you do not want to become the next top chef, try just a couple of new dishes to spice up the repertoire. For some, cooking is not a relaxing task. If you fall into that category, heat up that frozen meal or see if there are safe take-out options! 

Comfort Food with Trisha

Barefoot Contessa

Bobby Flay

However you decide to self-care while at home during this season, be sure to allow yourself the time and space needed for rejuvenation and relaxation!  Stay healthy! 

By: Becky Morgan

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