Supporting Reading Teachers Through Intensive Yet Supportive Literacy Coaching

December 9, 2021
Supporting Reading Teachers Through Intensive Yet Supportive Literacy Coaching
In her recent interview with the Reading Teachers Lounge, our Director of Programs, Early Reading, LaMonica Williams, addressed the challenges of early reading, the importance of warm, nurturing environments for both educators and students, Teaching Matters’ data-centric, hands-on approach to professional development,  and our organization's effectiveness before, during and presently amid the prolonged influence of COVID-19 on schools.
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“We actually did see around 83% of students who started the program as pre-readers were able to get to the place where they were beginning readers and really starting to own and be independent with the text. Interestingly enough, we actually saw with our students who were fully remote and those who were in-person, very similar results, and in some cases better results in the remote instruction.” 

Listen to the full podcast here.

At Teaching Matters, we partner with schools striving to provide equitable learning opportunities to their students. To address the urgent need to support young children whose literacy learning was impacted by the pandemic, we developed our Early Reading Matters and Jumpstart to Equitable Early Reading programs to accelerate the learning of K-2 students not currently reading at grade level. These programs feature a coaching component with dedicated educational consultants who model lessons, co-plan, and co-teach to ensure successful implementation in the classroom.

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