Using Mindfulness to Dismantle Bias and Embody our Power as Educators


As an educator you are a powerful person--you help shape young minds and hearts. Yes we teach math, English, science, social studies, physical education, etc., but we also model how to be caring and resilient human beings who use their energy and talents for the good of all people--not just a subsection of the population. With the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and continued social injustice across our country, there is an increasing urgency to help young people see the biases that shape our ways of thinking and our policies--that prevent us from manifesting a society where all thrive. To start to transform, the work starts with looking within and in this workshop we will use the tools of mindfulness to center, ground, and come into compassionate contact with the biases living underneath the surface of our conscious awareness. We'll engage in conversation about what we can do as educators to dismantle bias and work towards a more just society for all people.

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