Week 2 School Closure Resources

March 26, 2020

Look mom, no hands.....

Kudos to all of our educators who are transitioning to this new world of virtual learning! We all have a different comfort level with technology and are being  asked to ride the bike without training wheels.

Last week, Teaching Matters created one week of K-8 content aligned with the Learn from Home Curriculum the NYCDOE distributed. The second week is ready NOW. These materials include activities across all content areas for grades K-8. We have both Google Slides and Google Classroom templates. 

We are very happy to share that ELL and MLL resources are available this week and we are working hard to create more content to support all students and their families.

In addition to the student facing resources we have webinars this Thursday, March 26th and Friday, March 27th with DIIT for teachers and principals. 

Remote Learning Supports for ELL/MLL Students

Thursday March 26, 1:00 PM
Friday March 27, 1:00 PM

This webinar will focus on how to adapt Teaching Matters’ free, student-facing materials to support remote learning for English Language/Multilingual Learners (ELL/MLLs). We welcome all teachers who serve ELL/MLL students to begin integrating best practices for language acquisition. Models will be provided. 

DOE Aligned Activities for March 30th through April 3rd

Thursday March 26 3:00 PM
Friday March 27 10:00 AM

This webinar will focus on how to adapt Teaching Matters’ free, student-facing materials for the week of March 30th. These materials are aligned to the NYC DOE guidance for remote learning and have been optimized for Google Classrooms.  Attention will be paid to how teachers can modify these resources and how to use them in their google classrooms.  

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Most importantly we hope you are staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

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