Why attacking educators for antiracist teaching is dangerous

September 20, 2021
Why attacking educators for antiracist teaching is dangerous, by Maria Underwood-
In her recent The Hechinger Report opinion piece, Teaching Matters' Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Maria Underwood explores the current state of antiracist teaching and importance of our Elevating Voices program.
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"As an educator creating antiracist classrooms, I have wrestled with how to teach children about race and race relations since far before our country’s recent racial reckoning.

I’m also a curriculum designer, as well as a Black Cuban immigrant and the mother of two Black daughters.

And I believe that, to catalyze systemic change and create a better world for our children, we need to elevate race education, not restrict it." 

Read more of Maria's opinion piece here.

Elevating Voices is a national program designed to “elevate” the voices of historically marginalized people to make their experiences visible and their voices heard.

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